He is Risen Indeed

By Paul Asay on April 16,2017

On Easter, my second father was actually dying.

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Are you a man living like an isolated buffalo? Here are 3 tips to change your ways…for good.

By Roland Warren on February 15,2017

Men-Stop living in isolation.

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3 Ways Christianity Sneaks Into Beauty and the Beast (Despite that 'Gay Moment')

By Paul Asay on March 16,2017

I’m pretty sure that Bill Condon wishes he had just kept his mouth shut. Condon, director of Disney’s soon-to-be-blockbuster Beauty and the Beast, told the British magazine Attitude that one of the characters, LeFou, has a “nice, exclusively gay moment”…

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12 Things a Wife Should Do for Her Husband

By Ashley Willis on November 30,2016

Cultivating a strong marriage takes work.  We can’t get on auto-pilot and expect things to turn out well.  We must keep pursuing one another, but sometimes we lose sight of how to do this in the chaos of life.

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When Your Spouse Disappoints You

By Dave Willis on November 18,2016

11 things to do when your spouse breaks your heart or breaks your trust

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9 Things Married Women Need to Stop Doing

By Dave Willis on November 2,2016

Most marriages would instantly improve if wives would stop doing these nine things.

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9 Ways a Husband can Unintentionally Break His Wife's Heart

By Ashley Willis on March 14,2017

Most married couples don’t go out of their way to hurt each other, but it still happens. Most of the time, it’s unintentional.  But a strong marriage requires intentionality from both spouses.  If we’re not careful, we can break each…

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The Six Signs of a Cheating Spouse

By Dave Willis on October 30,2016

These are the six most common signs that infidelity is happening or it might happen very soon.

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12 Habits that Lead to Divorce

By Dave Willis on March 2,2017

Every married couple has exchanged vows which promise “til death do us part,” but for far too many marriages, their dreams of “forever” are crushed by divorce. According to government stats from the CDC, America averages one divorce every 36…

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7 signs he really LOVES you

By Dave Willis on December 20,2016

I’m convinced that one of the most significant questions a woman asks is, “Does he really love me?” This question starts when she is a little girl learning what love is supposed to look like from the way her Dad…

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8 Things a Marriage Can't Survive Without

By Dave Willis on January 13,2017

The human body can survive only weeks without food, days without water and minutes without air. We need certain things to stay alive. In a similar way, a marriage needs certain things to stay alive. They’re not always as concrete…

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12 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear (But Probably Won't Tell You)

By Dave Willis on July 11,2017

A wife’s words have the power to build up her husband or to tear him down. Her words are like a “thermostat” that can set the climate for the marriage. We men aren’t usually as verbal, BUT words are very…

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