We Can't Just All Get Along: Detroit as Seen by Four Characters

By Paul Asay on August 8,2017

We need rules. If we loved each other perfectly, we’d have no use for laws and courts and prisons. But our better angels are tethered to unseemly demons of greed and lust, rage and fear. And so from the time…

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In War for the Planet of the Apes, God’s Chosen People Aren’t People at All

By Paul Asay on July 17,2017

Jesus told us to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, give to God what is God’s. In War for the Planet of the Apes, we get a story concerned with both: Caesar, the intelligent, charismatic chimpanzee leader of a troop…

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He is Risen Indeed

By Paul Asay on April 16,2017

On Easter, my second father was actually dying.

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5 Signs that Your Workplace Habits Are Hurting Your Marriage

By Ashley Willis on September 21,2017

Work is a necessary part of life, and it’s a huge blessing when we love our work and our workplace.  And, naturally, we spend a lot of time there. However, whether we realize it or not, there are certain habits…

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Evie Clair Sings Tribute to Late Father on Finale of America's Got Talent

By Jean Yih Kingston on September 20,2017

At 13, Evie Clair stands strong just two weeks after her dad passed away from colon cancer. Hats off to her for her remarkable and emotional performance.

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Big Fight? What Every Husband Needs to Know

By Shaunti Feldhahn on September 20,2017

Men, have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated when, after a fight with your wife, she seems to doubt your relationship and commitment? It made perfect sense to you that you stopped talking to her when you were mad. You…

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The 9 Most Common Questions about SEX

By Dave Willis on September 19,2017

Everyday, my wife Ashley and I receive messages through our blogs, Facebook pages, our website and even in person. MANY of these questions have to do with sex. We certainly don’t claim to be “gurus” (if such a thing exists) about marriage and sex,…

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3 Things a Father Must Do to Fix a Communication Problem With a Child

By Roland Warren on September 19,2017

As a young father with small children, one of the highlights of my day was the greeting I experienced when I got home from work. Like clockwork, when I would arrive my two sons would drop whatever they were doing…

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Overcoming the Scars of Sexual Abuse

By Dave Willis on September 19,2017

She was standing right in front of me but she seemed miles away. There was a deadness in her eyes as she gazed off into the distance. It was as if she had developed a survival mechanism to retreat to…

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Angelica Hale Brings Down the House Again on America's Got Talent

By Jean Yih Kingston on September 18,2017

Stunningly talented elementary school student sings cover of Without You on America’s Got Talent.

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How to Respect Your Husband When You Really Don't Trust Him

By Shaunti Feldhahn on September 18,2017

Dear Shaunti, I recently read For Women Only and I now realize how important it is for my husband to know I respect him – which I do. But I come from a long line of “strong women” (as my dad puts…

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4 Common Excuses Married Couples Give for Their Boring Sex Life (and How to Make it Better)

By Ashley Willis on September 17,2017

Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine about her marriage.  She said that in almost every way, her marriage was better than ever–except when it came to the bedroom.  When I asked her why she felt like things…

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