We Can't Just All Get Along: Detroit as Seen by Four Characters

By Paul Asay on August 8,2017

We need rules. If we loved each other perfectly, we’d have no use for laws and courts and prisons. But our better angels are tethered to unseemly demons of greed and lust, rage and fear. And so from the time…

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In War for the Planet of the Apes, God’s Chosen People Aren’t People at All

By Paul Asay on July 17,2017

Jesus told us to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, give to God what is God’s. In War for the Planet of the Apes, we get a story concerned with both: Caesar, the intelligent, charismatic chimpanzee leader of a troop…

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He is Risen Indeed

By Paul Asay on April 16,2017

On Easter, my second father was actually dying.

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How to Help Your Son Fight These Three Dangerous Lies

By Shaunti Feldhahn on October 19,2017

As both a social researcher who has interviewed and surveyed thousands of boys and a mom of a son, I’ve seen three common – and very harmful –things boys tend to believe about themselves. Mom and Dad, keep an eye out,…

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Why Your Spouse CAN'T (and SHOULDN'T) Fulfill Your Every Need

By Ashley Willis on October 19,2017

When we marry, we often believe the myth that our spouse is somehow going to fulfill our every need, and we are somehow going to fulfill his/hers, too.  But, over time, we find out that this kind of pressure only…

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Motive Matters: Believing the Best of Your Spouse

By Shaunti Feldhahn on October 17,2017

Dear Shaunti, In one of your books, you say it’s important to believe the best of your spouse’s intentions. But all that does is give your spouse license to hurt you again and again without consequences. Who cares what their…

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Living Together Before Marriage Won't Help You Avoid Divorce - Here's Why

By Roland Warren on October 17,2017

I fly quite a bit. Sometime ago, I sat next to a pilot that was heading to his next flight location. We had an interesting conversation. He told me about a requirement that his airline had for pilots to do…

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5 Things God Wants You to Remember When Life is Hard

By Dave Willis on October 16,2017

Cancer. Divorce. Bankruptcy. Anxiety. Depression. Death. Loss. Failure. Setbacks. Rejection. Regrets. Pain. Life. Last week, I was reminded of the heartbreaking struggles, difficulties and tragedies that so many people are facing. I officiated a funeral for a twenty-three-year-old woman who took…

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5 Otherwise "Good" Things that can Ruin Your Marriage (if You're not Careful)

By Ashley Willis on October 15,2017

There are many “good” things out there, but sometimes, we try to cram too many of them into our family life. It’s a tricky balancing act that takes great consideration. If we allow these good things to take priority over…

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3 Surprising Reasons to Initiate Sex With Your Man

By Shaunti Feldhahn on October 13,2017

Although this article is for women, I’m sure some astonished men are looking in, and asking, “What do you mean why you should initiate sex?!” To guys, the answer is completely obvious! It reminds me of that line from the…

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9 Things Happy People Do EVERY Day

By Dave Willis on October 13,2017

One of the greatest desires of the human heart is to find true and meaningful happiness. Maybe you’ve grown cynical in your quest for happiness, and you’ve convinced yourself that it’s an illusion or a delusion. I’m convinced that happiness is…

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Don’t Pooh-Pooh This Bear

By Paul Asay on October 11,2017

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?” “What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?” “I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?”…

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