Why Is Everyone Scared of Clowns?

By Paul Asay on October 17,2016

We’re all being attacked by clowns. People across the United States say they’re seeing red-nosed, white-faced Pennywises everywhere, lurking in parks, walking down streets and threatening to do more than stuff several of themselves into a car. The threat of…

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Can a Christian Movie Win an Oscar?

By Paul Asay on October 7,2016

The Birth of a Nation hits theaters today, but it’s been in the news for nearly a year. It made a show-stopping entrance at the Sundance Film Festival this January, earning raucous standing ovations and a titanic $17.5 million deal…

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The Quiet Miracle of Queen of Katwe

By Paul Asay on September 30,2016

It’s a miracle. The phrase is pregnant with Christian portent. Yes, other religions have their own sets of miracles, but Christianity seems to put a special emphasis on them. Jesus performed plenty of miracles, from killing fig trees to raising…

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Tom Cruise and James Corden act out scenes from all of Cruise's movies

By Jean Yih Kingston on October 21,2016

Goodness, he’s done a lot of films since Risky Business!

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By Jennifer Fancher on October 20,2016

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5 Little Acts of LOVE that will Make a BIG DIFFERENCE in Your Marriage

By Ashley Willis on October 20,2016

When you scroll through Facebook and see one of your friend’s pics of her and her husband on a cruise vacation complete with a spectacular tan and relaxation all over their faces, all you can think is you’d give anything…

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Vintage Laundry Room Makeover - updating the floors

By Jennifer Fancher on October 20,2016

The dreaded beast is gone! That humongo eye sore of a water heater is now safely placed on the other side of the wall in our garage.  No more risk of the water heater leaking out into our home on…

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4 ways to grow closer to your spouse

By Dave Willis on October 20,2016

Don’t drift apart from your spouse. Do these 4 things to grow closer and stay connected.

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Tortoise races hare in real life

By Jean Yih Kingston on October 20,2016

Who do you think will win?

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We’re All Fixer Uppers

By Paul Asay on October 19,2016

A confession: My wife and I watch HGTV’s Fixer Uppers, starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, whenever we can. We dig tinkering with our own house when budget and time allow, and I think both of us occasionally wish we lived…

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For Those Who Are SUFFERING

By Ashley Willis on October 19,2016

Dear Friend, are you suffering right now?  Whether it’s your health, marriage, finances, work, or children, suffering is a painful part of life.  And, prolonged suffering can certainly take a toll on our relationships and ourselves.  If you are suffering…

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The Canadian Video to America That Made Me Cry – And What We Can Learn From It

By Shaunti Feldhahn on October 19,2016

Have you heard the joke: How does someone from Canada cheat on a test?  They secretly write on the palm of their hand, “You can do it!” Our neighbors to the north are an unusually open, honest, nice, kind bunch.…

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